Graduation – 2021. Successful employment of graduates of the direction Journalism

One of the main results of the work of each higher educational institution is the compulsory employment of its graduates. It is no coincidence that these questions are included in the indicators of the activities of Russian universities, including Kalmyk State University.

More than a month has passed since the graduation campaign in 2021, and we can summarize some results on the employment of graduates in different areas.

Today we can already talk about the successful employment of graduates – bachelors and masters – of the direction of Journalism. In total, 19 people received diplomas of higher education, including 11  bachelors and 8  masters. The demand in the labor market, and not only in native Kalmykia, in the country as a whole, but also abroad, was determined not only by the successful development of educational programs: out of 19 diplomas, 14 with honors. But also the fulfillment of all obligations by students during all years of stay at the university. Self-determination was also affected by active social work, cooperation during study with potential employers.

We are very pleased with the successful start of our bachelors, who have joined the ranks of leading specialists in the information space of Kalmykia and Russia. The professional knowledge and skills gained within the walls of Kalmyk State University allowed our graduates to withstand the competition and become specialists in the Administration of the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the executive authorities of Kalmykia, as a producer of the National Television of Kalmykia and an assistant to the artistic director of the National Drama Theater named after I. B.Basangov.

One of the conditions for the successful self-determination of future graduates is close cooperation of the university with companies, the implementation of joint projects with ministries and departments. It is this approach that allows graduates to get into the field of vision of a large number of employers.

In recent years, the tendency has been expanding when employers are seriously interested in obtaining not only professionally trained specialists, but also successfully mastered knowledge, skills and abilities in the course of their studies. The regional university pays special attention to the issues of promoting employment and adaptation to the labor market of graduates. KalmSU provides additional (targeted) assistance to university graduates, thereby increasing their adaptive capabilities in the labor market in matters of self-determination, employment and future career planning.