Confucius Institute at Kalmyk State University

Address 358000, Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, Ulitsa Pushkina, 11,
corpus 1 “A”, aud.311 FGBOU VO “KalmGU im. B.B.Gorodovikova”
(FSBEI of HE “KalmSU n.a. B.B.Gorodovikov”, room 311)
Phone 7(84722) 3-71-33

Director: Dzhimbeeva Lolita Vasilyevna


  • Zhao Yong 
    Confucius Institute Director, China
  • Bimbeeva Anna Vladimirovna

Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute

  • Adyaeva Zayana Sanalovna
    Chief Specialist of the Confucius Institute
  • Jiang Hong
    Assistant Lecturer of the Confucius Institute
  • Li Zhi Yun
    Assistant Lecturer of the Confucius Institute
  • Qiao Xi
    Assistant Lecturer of the Confucius Institute


Purposes, tasks and functions of the Confucius Institute

The primary purpose of the Confucius Institute is to carry out educational, research and cultural activities to promote Chinese language and culture by creating conditions for intercultural interaction between China and Russia.


The main tasks of the Institute are:

  • popularization of learning Chinese by people of various interests;
  • comprehensive personal improvement and increase of cognitive opportunities for the harmonious development of interpersonal and interstate relations through the study of the Chinese language and Chinese culture in all its diversity;
  • formation of tolerant worldview, spiritual, moral and social culture based on the knowledge of the Chinese language and popularization of the achievements of Chinese civilization among Russian citizens;
  • transfer of knowledge, development of citizens’ skills necessary for effective educational and other activities requiring the knowledge of the Chinese language and culture;
  • development of educational and scientific-practical methods, as well as the recommendations on the use of the latest information technologies to improve the educational level of citizens, their spiritual, mental and physical health;
  • introduction of new forms and methods of cooperation between institutions of the higher professional education with state authorities and local government bodies of the Russian Federation and China; development of cooperation with national and foreign scientific, educational, cultural, religious, commercial and other organizations, contributing to the development of international relations of the Institute and Kalmyk State University, and to the growth of their importance.


In accordance with the abovementioned tasks, the Institute performs the following functions:

  • training Chinese language teachers for schools and universities, the provision of educational, methodological and reference materials, audio and video courses for teaching Chinese;
  • teaching the Chinese language through various educational resources, including multimedia and distance learning;
  • conducting examinations in the Chinese language and confirming the qualifications of teachers of the Chinese language;
  • conducting a variety of the Chinese language and culture courses for those who are interested;
  • providing reference resources to educators and people of other professions;
  • arranging scientific, educational, methodological events and various competitions in the Chinese language and the culture of China;
  • organizing screening of Chinese films and TV shows;
  • implementing Projects of the Headquarters of Confucius Institutes of China.


Main activities of the Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute at Kalmyk State University was established on November 22, 2007 in accordance with the «Agreement between Kalmyk State University and the Headquarters of the Institutes of Confucius». Within the framework of the activities of the Confucius Institute, Kalmyk State University receives annual scholarships from the Government of the People’s Republic of China for the study of KalmSU students in leading universities of China in master’s, doctoral programmes and one-year language internships. The activities of the Confucius Institute at KalmSU are also aimed at improving the process of teaching Chinese language and literature. Scientists from our university also take part in international conferences and seminars on the methodology of Chinese language teaching. Thanks to the financial support of the Headquarters of the Confucius Institutes, the Confucius Institute at Kalmyk State University is equipped with modern multimedia and linguistics equipment including the provision of educational and methodological materials.


Scientific Relations

The Institute of Confucius at Kalmyk State University is actively cooperating with the Headquarters of the Confucius Institutes, the Education Department of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Russian Federation, the Confucius Institutes in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Inner Mongolia University, Astrakhan State University and Volgograd State Pedagogical University.

University Partner

Situated in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia University is the largest and most important university in Inner Mongolia.

In 1997, the University was listed among the top 100 universities in China. Today, 20,000 students are studying at the University. The Library of Inner Mongolia University is one of the largest in China. Its collection of books exceeds 1.300 million copies. The university has a modern complex of sports facilities. It includes basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts, football field, swimming pool, and a huge gymnasium with modern and multifunctional equipment.

Inner Mongolia University actively develops relations with universities in the USA, Japan, Canada, Finland, Australia, South Korea, Mongolia, Russia and other countries. It is also attended by students from America, Japan, Mongolia, Spain, South Korea, Russia and other countries.