About readiness for the new academic year

All seven educational buildings and seven dormitories of KalmSU named after B.B.Gorodovikov are fully ready to accept students in the new academic year. This was reported at a working meeting of the management of KalmSU. Special precautions have been taken to prevent the import and spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19. Additional recirculators were purchased for lecture halls, and the stock of personal protective equipment and disinfectants was replenished. The first hostel is set aside for an isolation ward, in which new arrivals will wait for the results of PCR tests for a certain time and then move to other hostels.

During the meeting, the commandants informed about what repair work had been carried out on the eve of the new academic year. The managers of the hostels reported on the state of affairs in the hostels, on the operation of outdoor video surveillance systems, fire alarms, street lighting, on the performance of duties of employees of cleaning and security agencies. 570 students for various reasons lived in the hostel all summer, some of the students have already been vaccinated. From the speeches of the directors of the hostels, a sincere, caring attitude towards the students was clearly evident. It is touching that they know their guests by name, are aware of all their problems and worries.