Аbout the association

The Association of International Students (AIS) established on the basis of KalmSU aims at harmonization of relations, cross-cultural interaction, inter-ethnic tolerance and full adaptation of foreign students. The AIS assists foreign nationals in adapting, solving problems and issues related to educational, intellectual, creative, cultural and sporting activities.

Kalmykia is a multi-ethnic Republic comprising more than 90 ethnic groups, successfully synthesizing traditions and values of all its peoples.

The process of adaptation to the new social and cultural environment is taking place simultaneously in the framework of educational activities and in the context of extra-curricular activities, which contribute to the acceleration of this process, as well as to the formation of speech and socio-cultural competence. To improve psychological health of students and decrease problems related to adaptation, the Program of Adaptation of foreign students and domestic students of KalmSU has been developed. The aim of the programme is to implement a systematic approach to the organization of work for the effective socio-cultural, psychological and educational adaptation of foreign nationals studying at the Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikov. The implementation of the set of measures set out in the programme allows creating favorable conditions for the personal development and professional competences of both foreign and domestic students and postgraduate students in the academic space of the University.

The programme is divided into four sections: educational activities, educational work, social and psychological support, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The programme is implemented by the University’s structural units (International Relations Department, Youth Policy Division, Directorate of Educational and Methodological Work), Student Psychological Service, Student Campus, Faculty administration and by the Elista Association of International Students (AIS) affiliate itself.


  1. Educational activities.

The University’s Educational Department, the Study Group Supervisors and the Council of Elders are the coordinating bodies, responsible for the optimization of the education process, the monitoring of foreign and domestic students’ learning achievement and attendance.

Every month the Dean’s Office monitors the achievement of foreign students during the semester in order to improve the efficiency of the teaching process.

The Faculty of Pre-University Training and Education of Foreign Citizens conducts a vocational orientation course to help foreign students understand the Russian higher education system and provide assistance in selecting a suitable profession if necessary. The process of immersion in the professionally oriented socio-cultural environment is facilitated by the excursions during «Days of Open Doors of KalmSU Faculties». Foreign students and postgraduate students are regularly invited to participate in research, projects and international conferences.