Student residence halls of Kalmyk State University is a set of eight dormitory buildings incorporated in a modern student campus with 2,800 bed places equipped with modern infrastructure.

Each dormitory has necessary living facilities such as gyms, classrooms, study rooms, buffets and self-service laundries. The buildings are provided with high-speed Internet access. The first and second dormitories constitute a complex of buildings, on the territory of which there is a University’s sanatorium-dispensary, a medical center “Health”, gyms, study rooms, an assembly hall, a bath and laundry complex and a mini-soccer field with artificial grass “League”.

On the territory of the dormitory number 3 there is an assembly hall, a gym, study rooms, and a training tailoring centre.

In the dormitory number 4 there is a choreography hall of the University’s Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Bumbin Orn” and of the Orchestra of Folk Instruments “Andante”, two tennis halls, a playroom for children and study rooms. There is also a sports ground in the surrounding area.

“Dom Otlichnika” (the house for a high-achiever) or the dormitory number 5, as it is called by students, is equipped with an assemble hall, two gyms, sports ground and a hall for the chess club “Shatr”.

The dormitory number 6 is designed for family students with a playroom for children, children’s choreography studio “Altn” and classrooms.

In the hostel number 7 there is a training room, an office of the Kalmyk branch of the “Association of Foreign Students” and a laundry. The building of the dormitory number 8 has also all the necessary conditions for studying and working.

All the dormitories are provided with all the conditions for comfortable stay, self-study and scientific work, recreation, doing sports and participation in the university cultural life.