Rostelecom invites students of Kalmykia to the online course Digital Education

Rostelecom invites students of Kalmykia (KalmSU) to take part in Digital Education online course. The course will broaden the participants’ professional horizons and help to form the necessary competencies for successful work in the future. Its educational content is aimed at listeners of any humanitarian profile, who, like technical specialists, often solve problems in a digital environment. Participants who have shown the best result at the end of the course will represent the university team at a special Rostelecom competition – Nehakatone – in December 2021. The winners will receive valuable prizes and an opportunity for internship or employment in the company.

As part of the course, Rostelecom experts will speak online on 11 topics of the digital economy: Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Big Data and others. After each lecture, the organizers will offer students practical cases from partner companies to solve. The entire learning process will take place in a specially developed application “Digital RTK”.