The students of Kalmyk State University are among the laureates of the All-Russian Competition of Talented Youth Achievements.

From January 1 to March 1 was held the correspondence tour of the All-Russian competition of achievements of talented youth “NATIONAL HERITAGE OF RUSSIA”.


This event is held for high school students and students aged 14 to 25 who are engaged in scientific or research activities.


The main goal of the competition is to attract young people to participate in independent scientific research, to develop scientific methods and systematize the knowledge gained, to organize intellectual communication among young people from educational institutions and to exchange information in the field of professional interests and other areas.


Anastasia Matveeva and Gilyana Sandzhieva, the 2nd year students of the major “Business Informatics” of KalmSU,  became laureates of the correspondence tour with the scientific  article “Development of Science and Innovation in Industry” (supervisor A. Rvacheva).


The abstracts of the winners of the correspondence competition will be published in the collection of abstracts of the competition works.