International cooperation at Kalmyk State University

Development Program with a view to internationalization of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Kalmyk State University named after B.B.Gorodovikov” aims to expand and strengthen the university’s position in the international educational environment. The tasks of internationalization include mutual scientific and educational projects with foreign universities; increasing the number of foreign students and trainees and mutual educational programs with foreign universities with the issuance of two diplomas.

Kalmyk State University is a member of the Association of Caspian littoral states, which includes more than 50 universities and research institutes of Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran. KalmSU, having the status of the Flagship University, expands international relations on the principle of equal rights of all partners – participants in international cooperation and academic exchange and in the framework of more than 100 existing agreements on scientific and educational cooperation with government and international organizations, foreign universities and research centers in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. The cooperation is carried out within the framework of:

  • educational projects (academic exchanges of students and lecturers, mutual educational programs, and introduction of distance learning technologies);
  • scientific activity (mutual scientific projects and research work, mutual international scientific conferences, international scientific internships);
  • the youth policy of the university (sports events based on partner universities, summer language and cultural and creative camps, youth international projects).

About 1,500 international students, post-graduate students, trainees from 43 countries visit KalmSU annually to study and for advanced training, participation in scientific internship programs.

Students of KalmSU participate in academic mobility programs and internships in universities of countries such as People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, Mongolia and Germany.

KalmSU is ready to cooperate with representatives of the scientific and academic community, universities, and public organizations around the world. Kalmyk State University is always open to foreign applicants, students, trainees and lecturers.

Welcome to KalmSU!