The Faculty of Pre-University Training and Education of Foreign Citizens

Mail KalmSU, The Faculty of Pre-University Training and Education of Foreign Citizens, the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia, 358000, Elista, 226 Lenin Str., University building 5, room 105
Phone 8 (84722) 4-46-51 (dean’s office); 8(84722) 4-46-50 (dean)

Dean: Staroverkina Lyubov Alekseevna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.


  • The Department of Russian as a Foreign Language and General Humanitarian Disciplines
  • The Language Testing Centre for Foreign Citizens


  • Davaeva Tatyana Anatolyevna   
    Senior Methodologist of the Faculty
  • Eledzheeva Alla Alekseevna   
    Senior Methodologist of the Faculty
  • Badzhaeva Venera Badmaevna   
    Senior Methodologist of the Faculty


About Faculty

The time schedule is as follows:
Monday to Friday – 9:00-16:00
Saturday – 9.00-14.00
Sunday is the day off

Pre-university training and education of foreign citizens at Kalmyk State University is one of the forms of integration of general secondary and higher education, which provides the necessary link between the preparatory education and degree programs at the university.

The Preparatory Department, established at Kalmyk State University in 1970, functioned as the provider of this link for many years. This Department also effectively performed its duties of social protection of the youth; educated and provided necessary psychological support to the rural youth and orphans; persons who retired from active duty from the Russian Army. Most notably, this unit purposefully trained this adapted contingent for enrollment and education at Kalmyk State University on a competitive basis. The Department was in great demand among the people of Kalmykia. The main advantages were full-time studies, scholarships, and a hostel. Over the years, more than 3,500 graduates exercised their right to higher education through this structure.

N.I. Yanzhinova was among the founders of the pre-university training. The first students of the Preparatory Department were those retired from active duty from the army, as well as workers and collective farmers who dreamed of becoming linguists, biologists, mathematicians, physicists, historians, agronomists and livestock specialists. The full-time admission plan was 80 people, which made it possible to create training groups in the humanitarian, physical-mathematical and natural-agricultural fields of studies. Part time programs of study were also functioning at that time. The lecturers of the University Departments were responsible for part time programs of study and the educational process at the Preparatory Department. In June 1971, the first graduation took place at the Preparatory Department.

Extramural programs of study were opened at the Preparatory Department in 1998; the enrollment amounted to 50 people. Extramural programs of study proved popular and effective. Students of the Preparatory Department improved their knowledge, would successfully pass their final exams and annually become university students.

The Preparatory Department ceased to function on the budgetary basis in 2004.

In April 2006, the Faculty of Pre-university Training and Education of Foreign Citizens was created, which included the Preparatory Department, Preliminary Courses, as well as the Russian language Courses for international applicants. L.A. Staroverkina became the Dean of the Faculty of Pre-university Training and is running it nowadays.

The Department of General Humanities and Russian as a Foreign Language was opened at the Faculty in February 2012.

The Faculty prepares foreigners from China, Mongolia, Korea, Benin, Congo, Mali, Ghana, Iraq, Vietnam, Germany for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL-I, TORFL-II) and conducts an internship for  philology students from the University of Inner Mongolia (PRC, Hohhot), Mongolian National University (Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar).
In February 2012, the Faculty opened the Department of Russian as a foreign and general humanitarian discipline.

Scientific Relations

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Volgograd State Technical University

Astrakhan State University

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute

Programs and Courses

  • Preliminary Courses of different terms of training (training of school, college, lyceum graduates for admission to Kalmyk State University and other universities)
  • Preparatory Department for foreign citizens
  • Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Internship of foreign citizens (China and Mongolia)
  • Training Foreign Citizens for Admission to Master’s and Doctorate Programs
  • Business Courses for Foreign Citizens
  • Courses for Obtaining Russian Citizenship by Foreign Citizens
  • Summer School for Foreign Citizens