An enjoyable theater visit

Students of Humanities Department have recently visited a play staged by the National Theatre of Karelia. The visit was arranged by English language tutor of Germanic Philology Chair Basanova Tatiana Vladimirovna. The play “The House Overlooking A Field” has been greatly enjoyed by the students.In the following reviews the students share their impressions that have been left with them.

Basanova T.V.


Kikeeva Ailana, a first-year student of “International relations”specialty:

“The house overlooking a field” is a lyric comedy based on a play by Russian playwriter Alexander Vampilov. It was staged by Snezhana Saveleva in the Vepsian language. The play conveys themes of love and duty. The story is set in a quiet and peaceful Russian countryside not far from Saint-Petersburg.

One of the main characters is a shy and timid teacher Vasyliy Alexandrovich who is leaving the village after a 3 year work at a local school. The other one is Lydia Vasilievna working as a head of a milk farm. The play focuses on the main characters’ relationship. As the male character doesn’t dare to declare his love, Lydia has to take the initiative of declaring it.

There are some advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of this play is that the issues are conveyed through a prism of humour in funny situations in the main characters’ life. Moreover, the musical performance is worthy of special attention as it creates a particular atmosphere and reveals feelings of the characters. Unfortunately, the play leaves a feeling of understatement, as some plot twists need further development for a deeper understanding of the main heroes’ inner motives.

Anyone who hasn’t visited public places for a quarantine period will enjoy this play as it gives an opportunity to meet people and leave a house after a long lockdown period. Also, if you feel nostalgic about the culture of the previous 20-th century it will give you a lot of pleasant memories.


Sarankaeva Viktoria, a first-year student of “International relations”specialty:

Alexander Vampilov`s oneact play «The house overlooking a field» is a lyrical comedy set in the Russian countryside in the 1960s. Based on this play, a theatrical production was staged at the National Theater of Karelia in 2019.

The themes of the play are love and loneliness. The play focuses on a farewell conversation between Lydia Vasilyevna Astafyeva, a director of a dairy farm, and Vladimir Alexandrovich Tretyakov, a geography teacher, who is moving to a city after a 3 year work at a local school. Throughout the play, the main characters try to figure out their true feelings.

As for the advantages, the first thing that is worth noting is a background music  which creates a dynamic atmosphere. Throughout the play soundtracks changed showing the audience a growing emotional tension between the main characters. Also, an excellent description of characters` personalities is worth taking into account. Vladimir Alexandrovich is a passive and modest man with melancholic features. However, the complete opposite of him is Lidya Vasilyevna. She is an assertive and charismatic woman. Despite the fact that they are opposites, they have some similarities. Both suffer from loneliness and despair. The only disadvantage is a little bit predictable plot that can be foreseen from the very beginning.

I would recommend this play to everyone. If you enjoy plays which are easy to read or watch, I suggest you to choose this one.