The Faculty of Additional Professional Education


Address 358000Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, Microrayon 5, uchebnyi corpus  3 FGBOU VO “KalmGU im. B.B.Gorodovikova”, aud. 206

(FSBEI of HE “KalmSU n.a. B.B.Gorodovikov“, room 206)

Phone 8 (84722) 3-90-10, 3-89-88

Acting Dean of the Faculty – Ochir-Garyaeva Tamara Borisovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

The University provides additional professional education through the implementation of additional professional programs:

• Professional development – programmes aimed at improving and/or acquiring new competencies necessary for professional activity and/or upgrading skills within existing qualifications;
•  Retraining – programmes aimed at the skills necessary for the performance of a new professional activity and the acquisition of new qualifications.