Information for applicants to the Faculty of Pre-University Education and Training of Foreign Citizens

The Faculty of Pre-university Training and Education of Foreign Citizens of Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikov announces the opening of admission for the academic year 2020/2021:

1) General course in Russian as a foreign language (RFL) – 720 hours. Level: elementary, basic, first level. Tuition fee: 47,000 RUB

2) Preparatory Department: 720 hours of Russian language + 300 hours of subjects related to areas of study, which are added in the second semester (March). Tuition fee is 67,000 RUB.

Areas of training:

Humanitarian (Russian language, Literature, History);

Technical (Russian language, Mathematics, Physics);

Natural (Russian language, Mathematics, Biology);

Economic (Russian, Mathematics, Social Studies)


Duration of study: October-June

Mode of study: intramural and distance (if required)


Step 1. Submitting Documents

The admission procedure involves the collection of information on foreign nationals who have applied to study at the Faculty of Pre-University Education and Training of Foreign Citizens of Kalmyk State University. A foreign national should send to scan-copies of the following documents:

  • passport;
  • a notarized copy of a nationally recognized certificate on education – Certificate of Secondary (Complete) General Education or Diploma of Non-University Level Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education;
  • a notarized Russian translation of documents on education indicating studied subjects and grades.


Step 2.  Invitation

 The second stage of the admission procedure involves the issuance of an invitation for studying at KalmSU. For this purpose, a foreign national who has been selected to begin training or his/her representative on the territory of the Russian Federation will receive the invitation by the inviting university – Kalmyk State University if the decision has been taken on the possibility of arriving in the Russian Federation (official opening of borders of the Russian Federation for the entry of foreign nationals). The invitation issuance by the Russian Federal Migration Service may take a long time (up to one month). Please, take care of this issue in advance.


Step 3. Applying for a Study Visa

Once you have received the invitation from KalmSU, you should provide it to the Embassy in your country to apply for the visa.


Step 4. Arrival

You need to inform the Department of International Relations of your arrival date and time. Upon arrival in Elista, Kalmyk Republic of the Russian Federation you must provide the International Relations Department with originals of the documents:

  • Equivalence Certificate of an education (if any) obtained abroad in the prescribed form;
  • Medicalcertificateproving the absence of contraindications for training in the Russian Federation at the corresponding faculty;
  • negative HIV test (valid in the Russian Federation);
  • passport, visa and migration card (they have to be submitted within 3 days of the arrival);
  • 6 photos 3×4 cm.


Step 5. Concluding a Study Contract

You will have to conclude a study contract to be trained at the chosen faculty.
You also need to submit a copy of the passport and pay the tuition fee.



Due to the threat of COVID-19 coronavirus infection the mode of study can be adjusted. In such a case, a fee for a study contract would be concluded with the applicant for distance learning, and first-semester classes would be held after receiving the payment under the contract and receipt of a fee for distance education.


Contact information

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