Campus life

Starting from 2013 the Elista Branch of the Association of International Students has been successfully operating at Kalmyk State University being the part of the general system of student self-management bodies of the University the main tasks of which include assisting international students in adapting to new living and learning conditions.

All the activities of the Association are organized in accordance with its main task, first of all, the adaptation and integration of foreign students.


1. Educational work.

The student association acts as the organizer of a number of annual events to propose meaningful leisure activities.

At the beginning of the academic year the student association conducts a 3-day student camp “Meridian” to familiarize first-year students with the life of the University. Within 3 days, students receive detailed information about various opportunities and develop activities;

  1. Excursions across the Republic of Kalmykia and cities of Russia;
  2. Festival of foreign students ” Dialogue of cultures»;
  3. Miss of the AIS and Mister of the AIS contests;
  4. Such events as Dictation on the knowledge of the Russian language, Film screening, Christmas fair, Sports competitions (football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, etc) are usually held by the KalmSU branch of the AIS  during the winter holidays;
  5.  “University meets spring” is held among students in spring time;
  6.  In autumn the Association of International Students holds the competition «The Best Foreign Student of the Year studying at KalmSU».


2. The Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle

In order to involve foreign students in cultural, leisure and sports life of the University, there are different sports sections and clubs.

International students play faculty team sports in university-wide competitions and in sports sections. They also take part in regional events. There are sports clubs on the campus throughout the year, which are attended by foreign students as well. The stadium has been built nearby the student campus where students from different countries can freely play football, basketball, volleyball or do running.


3. Social and psychological support.

In order to accelerate the socialization of foreign students under the new conditions, the University takes all the necessary measures to develop their social, psychological and personal competence. Foreign students may, at any time of the year, receive psychological assistance from the KalmSU Student Psychological Service or from the qualified psychologist of the University’s sanatorium-preventorium in the form of individual, group consultations, as well as psychological trainings.